Uzbekistan | It calls for something meaningful…

It’s not initially clear what I’m going to do about presenting the
concert. I have a week to prepare, as much time as I need to practice,
and a lot is riding on me to pull something off. Anatoly, director of
the International Museum of Peace and Solidarity, has already put a
ton of work preparing for the concert. Invitations, press releases,
booking the venue, coordinating with Rafiq about my travel plans, so
on and so forth. I’ve come all the way from San Francisco to spread a
message of peace, love, and awesomeness. Hopefully not to put all this
work in and the results be underwhelming. We’d been planning this for
over three years, so I guess there’s been a bit of build up as well.

Okay, so that means I must cook up something special. I hope whatever
I do doesn’t just leave the audience scratching their heads. I don’t
mind so much when that happens back at home. That’s called “pushing
the boundaries” or some such avant-garde sentiment. The place I’m in
now calls for something meaningful.


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